Here’s a good scoop: people with a sweet tooth in Whitehill & Bordon have been given their just desserts by a new business.

Authentic Italian gelato and luxury milkshakes are among the treats being offered by Sweet Choices.

Crepes, waffles and similar goodies are also on the menu at the dessert parlour which recently opened on the High Street.

East Hampshire District Council chairman Cllr Catherine Clark and director Chris Smith shared the honour of cutting the ribbon at the official opening with a soft launch taking place a few days beforehand.

Mr Smith and his team believe the parlour is perfectly placed for people that fancy getting dinner and dessert on the way home, sitting next door to a chippy.

Sweet Choices Bordon launch pic2
Cll Catherine Clark and Chris Smith at the launch (Tindle/Paul Ferguson)

Mr Smith said: “We pride ourselves on having a unique menu and have lots of interesting flavours and we source our gelato from Italian chap who has a home business.

“We’ve had some great feedback on the Whitehill & Bordon Facebook pages and a terrific response since the soft launch.”

He added: “It’s just something a bit different for Whitehill & Bordon and it really fits in well with what’s here.

“There’s a fish and chip shop next door, there’s fried chicken a couple of doors down, so it really compliments them and means you can get dinner and dessert in one go.”

Another new cuisine is also making its presence as the Jamaician and Zambian food being cooked by Twila’s Kitchen in The Hardys is also getting rave reviews.