Heathland is as rare as the rainforest, and The Lynchmere Society manages the fifth largest area of heathland across Stanley, Lynchmere and Marley commons.

But heathland needs constant management to provide an important natural wildlife habitat.

David Bateman, chief investment officer of Primary Health Properties PLC, volunteered some of his team to help clear bracken at Lynchmere Common.

David said: “The team was enthusiastic to get out into the fresh air, learn something new and do something to conserve the rare habitat on Lynchmere Common. 

“The team felt a strong sense of achievement at the end of the day, having cleared an acre of bracken.”

The group of ten employees was given an introductory talk by local conservation expert, Mark Allery, on the history of the area and commons. He also explained the importance of lowland heathland habitat and why, over the generations, local people ‘cropped’ native species such as bracken, gorse and birch, but they are no longer used, requiring growth to be controlled with the help of volunteers. Otherwise, they will dominate and suppress other species, reducing biodiversity.

Judy Rouse, Chair of the Lynchmere Society, said: “We rely so much on volunteers to help manage the commons. It is wonderful to see company employees wanting to volunteer and help us manage the heathland.

"If there are other organisations who would like to volunteer as part of their environment, social and governance policies we’d love to hear from you.”

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