MORE than 40 voters asked in Petersfield have given their thoughts on how they will vote in tomorrows in or out EU referendum.

Here are just some of their views.

John Taylor of Rogate said: “I agree we should stay in. We need support from Europe. We can’t survive on our own and it’s very inward looking. Everyone should have their opinion, that’s a democracy, but there has been a lot of ranting and raving.”

Douglas Bennie of Petersfield said: “I am voting to return rights to British people to decide their own destiny. We have lost that over the last 40 years. I voted to join in 1975 as it was sold to us as a simple trade agreement. But we were sold a pup.”

June Wales of Petworth said: “I’m definitely voting to leave the European Union because I’m British, not European. This country has gone to the dogs. We need to be able to make our own decisions and be free from the petty European Union restrictions.”

Robert Walden of Liss said: “I’ve already done my postal vote to stay in the European Union because I think it is better the devil you know to be honest. There would be uncertainty if we left and the out campaign haven’t proved to me how it will work.”

Robert Williams of Midhurst said: “I’m going to vote to leave the European Union because I can remember England before we were in the European Union. I would prefer Britain to create its own destiny. There’s enough talent in this country to make it work.”

Ron Pryce of Horndean said: “I’m voting to leave the European Union because they’ve taken too much control. I know what life was like before the European Union. We could trade with the rest of the world and now we’re not allowed to do that.”