Part of a remarkable collection of models lovingly created by a Hampshire woman has gone on display at an equally-remarkable little church near Bramdean.

Hazel Greenwood, who was born in Ropley and lived there for almost half her life, died in Winchester on December 21, 2022.

Hazel was born Hazel Bunce , the only daughter of five children born to Lucy Kathleen ‘Kath’ and Harold ‘Snowy’ Bunce in 1945.

When she was a child she never had a big dolls’ house. As if to make up for this omission, in later life therefore, she set out to make a number of models.

These include some traditional houses but also an antique’s shop, a pub (The White Rabbit – fictional), a tea room, a mermaid theme, a witches cavern, and Snowy’s Cottage in memory of her father. This will be given to Kerry’s uncle in Ropley and it may be kept at the pavilion.

Hazel also crafted a model of the Church in the Wood near Bramdean, which Kerry, Hazel’s daughter has recently given to the trustees for safe keeping.

The model will be housed in the church so all can see the miniature congregation and perhaps recognise themselves.

The Church in the Wood held its popular Hymns in the Wood service on Sunday, with future services planned on May 28 at 3pm and thereafter on the second and fourth Sundays each month until the Harvest festival on September 23.

To find the Church in the Wood, park on Bramdean Common at 2.45pm and listen for the bell.

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