The Petersfield-based Sky Surfing Club held its annual prize-giving recently for the achievements of its hang gliding and paragliding members.

Hosts Mary and Rory Edwards provided a delicious two-course meal at the West Meon Pavilion followed by a talk by Dr Bill Brooks, an aerospace design professional with more than 40 years in the industry.

Dr Brooks was involved in the early days of hang gliding - in the late 1970s and early 1980s he attempted to develop safe and reliable powered versions; he discussed some of the problems and his solutions.

He talked about the design of hang glider wings and test rigs used to evaluate their airworthiness. His interest in powered hang gliding extended to the design and manufacture of microlights.

He was involved with programmes including Scrapheap Challenge and an episode of Horizon featuring a re-creation of a UK hang glider from the 1890s built by Percy Pilcher. These days Dr Brooks is associated with human-powered flight events and developing Axe air taxi designs from Skyfly.

Club chairman Jim Whitney thanked Dr Brooks for his fascinating presentation.

Awards - Paragliding: Cross country distances - 1st Steve Newcombe, 2nd R J Macaulay, 3rd Robin Houghton; Most improved pilot - George Cox; Furthest out and return distance - R J Macaulay; Novice cross country - George Cox; Rooster - Ian Pruden.

Hang gliding: Cross country distances - 1st Tim King, 2nd Nestor Londono; Most improved pilot - Jose Pinto; Furthest out and return distance - Tim King; Novice cross country - Jose Pinto; Bent speed bar - Alan Beasty. Longest flight from Butser Hill - Justin Simmonds.