Nine sailors from Frensham Pond Sailability joined 11 other people from British Sailability Clubs to make up the competitive British team at the Hansa World Championships in Portimao, Portugal.

A large number of volunteer helpers joined them to get 16 boats transported to the event, as well as providing practical support with rigging the boats and hoisting.

The week is always full of fun and friendship, and the sailing is very competitive.

The first day of racing was very challenging with strong winds and rough seas, with one of the starts delayed by gales and torrential rain. Another day had to be cancelled because of a horrendous storm. Nevertheless, a good programme of racing took place with all classes able to complete a series of races.

Seventeen nations were involved in the competition, with 189 boats competing in four classes.

The UK team performed well with Frensham’s Paul Phillips taking second place in the Liberty fleet – missing the top spot by only three points – with Tessa Watkiss finishing 16th.

Mike Everitt, also from Frensham, did well to finish 16th in the 303 one-person class against 87 other competitive sailors.

Elsewhere in the Hansa 303 one-person class, Frensham Pond’s Katie Apse, James Woosnam and Kim Davies finished 74th, 75th and 76th.

In the Hansa 2.3 class Frensham Pond’s Lindsay Burns, Lara Sturgis and Andrew Lebec finished eighth, ninth and tenth respectively.

The event brings together people from all over the world to make new friendships and gain valuable experience.

There is a full programme of social events every evening.

Michael Buttler