Two Petersfield Golf Club members each scored a hole-in-one within a week of each other at the Adhurst course.

Former club captain Chris Castle and Ann Saunders both scored their aces on the par-three third hole – 152 and 146 yards respectively – in different competitions on the course.

Ann said: “I’ve been playing for four years and I often joke on a par three before teeing off, ‘The drinks are going to be on me…’ and on this occasion, it really did happen!

“I was jumping up and down when I realised it had gone into the cup at the back of the green, but I had to wait to the end of the round, another 15 holes, before I could get the drinks in for all the members present. I’ve been on cloud nine ever since!“

Chris, who has been playing golf for 40 years, said: “This is my second hole-in-one, but I can tell you that it was just as satisfying as the first!”

Petersfield Golf Club manager Katie Laud said: “We are delighted to add Chris and Ann’s names to our hole-in-one hall of fame. It’s a rare occurrence and always exciting to hear when any of our own members has achieved one.“

The odds for an amateur golfer to score a hole-in-one in their lifetime are roughly 12,500/1, and, on average, it happens at the age of 43 and in August, so the Petersfield players believe they have managed to defeat the odds in every respect.