The Cube at The Shed in Bordon is showing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly on August 24 at 8pm.

Blondie, The Good (Clint Eastwood), is a professional gunslinger trying to earn a few dollars. Angel Eyes, The Bad (Lee Van Cleef), is a hitman who commits to a task and sees it through — as long as he is paid. And Tuco, The Ugly (Eli Wallach), is an outlaw trying to save his hide.

Tuco and Blondie share a partnership making money off Tuco’s bounty, but after a dispute Tuco tries to hunt down Blondie. Blondie and Tuco come across a horse carriage loaded with bodies and learn from the only survivor, Bill Carson (Antonio Casale), that he and other men buried $200,000 worth of gold in a cemetery.

Carson dies after telling Tuco the name of the cemetery and Blondie the name of the grave. Now the two must keep each other alive to find the gold. Angel Eyes, looking for Bill Carson, discovers Tuco and Blondie met Carson and knows they know where the gold is; he needs them to lead him to it.

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