AN AMBITIOUS bid to improve safety on a notorious road in Petersfield could be scaled back because of a funding shortfall.

The future of the Pulens Lane scheme is at a crossroads as Hampshire County Council haven’t secured all the funding they need for a three-phase project.

Plans for a host of speed calming measures between the London Road and Rival Moor Road junctions were widely welcomed during a consultation last year. 

But doubts have been cast on whether they will be realised – while a request for a £102,600 helping hand from Petersfield Town Council has been rejected.

The council turned down the request last Thursday as it would mean exhausting funds meant for a host of road safety and improvement projects around town.

The decision is likely to have implications on the size and scope of a project to reduce speed and improve safety along Pulens Lane.

It now seems likely that engineers will focus on the “core” section from Moggs Mead to the Durford Road crossroads.

Disappointment and anger were the overriding emotions in the council chamber last week as frustrations over the long wait for improvements spilled over.

They were heightened by news that an “experimental scheme” that could see Durford Road become one-way are being considered without council or public feedback.

Steve Dewey, who represents the area on the town council, said he was “very disappointed” the changes might not go before residents and lambasted HCC for “ignoring” the views from the public consultation.

He added: “This project has been needed for 40 years and it feels like you’ve been asked to put our hands in our pockets to get it delivered.

“I feel we’re being forced into making a decision and giving you money.”

Councillors were told the proposed changes to the Durford Road crossroads – which haven’t been confirmed yet – were down to several years of accident data and not a knee-jerk reaction to a serious accident in December.

County councillor Rob Mocatta also ruled out the possibility of traffic lights at the junction, as they would cost £1million, thereby exhausting the budget for the rest of the road.