PARAGLIDING newcomer Ian Pruden took advantage of the coaching support available within the Sky Surfing Club to develop his paraglider ground-handling skills on Butser Hill.

The club is based in the Petersfield area and has permitted access to take off and landing fields on hills around the town.

Ian said: “It was a fantastic two to three hours of going over and over the basics.

“I was able to cram in lots of ground handling, lots of take-offs, and lots of top-landing practice into one session.

“I think I managed about eight one- or two-minute flights.”

Club coach Steph Cahill was on hand for help and advice.

He said: “We had a look at forecasts and decided Butser South would be the better bet to concentrate on ground handling. But in the event it was eminently flyable and I think we made the most of what was a fairly unpromising day.

“My wing was in for a service so I was there squarely in a coaching capacity!”

A few days before Ian’s Butser outing, the club held its annual general meeting.

Once again, West Meon and Warnford Sports Club acted as hosts in its recently-refurbished sports pavilion.

Mary and Rory Edwards kept members refreshed with a two-course meal and extensive bar.

The agenda for the evening was presented by stand-in chairman Brian Parkins.

Club secretary Kieron Doick recorded the minutes, ensuring all was above board.

The yearly round-up of business included officers’ reviews of the past year.

One particular highlight was the report from memberships secretary Jan Henslow of Durliegh Marsh Farm near Rogate.

He said: “Since October 1 in 2021 we have had 74 new members join; the previous year the number was 76.

“More have left this year too, which is why the membership has stayed about the same.

“Of those new members, 30 were newly-qualified pilots.”

The existing committee was then re-elected for a further 12 months.

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