THE LISS Flood Action Group’s emergency plan has been registered with Hampshire County Council (HCC).

HCC is the local flood prevention strategy authority.

East Hampshire district councillor for Liss Cllr Mike Kendall is involved with the flood action group.

Cllr Kendall said: “The emergency plan was sent to HCC before Christmas as the final plan. Especially important to them were the contact details of the co-ordinator and flood wardens.

“There will, of course, be further versions as we increase our knowledge and resources available to help in an emergency.”

Having their emergency plan registered with HCC has led to the flood action group receiving notifications.

Cllr Kendall said: “We are already receiving notifications from HCC not only of severe weather warnings for the area but of other potential civil emergencies in addition to flooding.

“We are on the map so to speak, with flood wardens carrying out routine inspections and additional inspections when there are severe weather warnings.

“There is back up from East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) to clear sudden blockages, from the Environment Agency (EA) investigating problems that might arise from riparian owners allowing their banks or vegetation or walls and fences to fall into the river, and from HCC in terms of planning support for emergencies.

“We are also working on emergency procedures with Liss Parish Council (LPC) to be ready to issue sandbags to complement those held by EHDC.”

The flood action group is also developing a flood prevention strategy.

Cllr Kendall said: “We have started to develop a flood prevention strategy, the first step of which is analysis of the causes of flooding in Liss and potential options to prevent or alleviate flooding in the future.

“The analysis was commissioned last week when EHDC partnership funding was identified and it will take three months to complete.

“We are asking the consultants to review the data on river flows and other issues arising from the floods in 2013-14, and to identify broad options that are likely to prevent or minimise the chances of flooding in the future.

“That will trigger further discussions with the EA to agree the way forward, and to identify funding options.

“There’s a long way to go, but the objective must be to remove the threat of future flooding in Liss if possible.”