The Petersfield Ramblers went Dutch on a sunny April morning as they enjoyed the sights of Arundel and its famous tulip festival.

The visitors from East Hampshire parked by the gates of the imposing castle before enjoying a seven-mile saunter around the West Sussex town.

The group followed the Arun to South Stoke, walking on top of the raised flood defences and its wonderful views of the reed-lined river and its adjacent meadows and wetlands.

Arundel Ramble Pic2
The view of Arundel Castle from the banks of the Arun near South Stoke (Petersfield Ramblers)

Jackets were removed and donned as sunshine gave way to showers before the group passed the Black Rabbit restaurant where they would later dine.

There was a nice surprise at South Stoke vicarage as the ramblers found sheep nibbling on the long grass after discovering the hidden entrance to the churchyard.

Arundel Ramble Pic3
Seeing red on the ramparts of Arundel Castle (Petersfield Ramblers)

The spot was the perfect place for a leisurely coffee break and obligatory photoshoot before the route muddied – the result of a race the fortnight before – prompting the group to hit the road.

Their route into Arundel was a pretty affair, passing Swanbourne Lake with its preening swans and resting seagulls, and finishing at the fairytale castle with red tulips climbing up its banks.

The castle gardeners were even more impressive with a huge variety of tulips on show: many big, bold and brassy while others subtly blended into the grass.

Arundel Ramble PIC4
The cork trees were an interesting sight with their gnarly bark. (Petersfield Ramblers)

The cork trees with their unusual, gnarled bark, also caught the eye with the ramblers checking out the austerity of the catholic cathedral en route to the Black Rabbit. Drinks and conversation flowed, with the group agreeing the walk was a top one to pull out of the hat.

Arundel Ramble PIC5
A well earned drink at the end of a seven-mile ramble. (Petersfield Ramblers)

The Petersfield Ramblers thoroughly enjoyed their journey across the county border – and no doubt many of their members will be planting more tulip bulbs this autumn.