Children from Holybourne Village Pre-School visited The Lawn Residential Care Home to perform Christmas songs for its residents.

The children had been rehearsing for some weeks ahead of their visit to The Lawn, where they performed a programme of songs including Father Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, with the residents joining in on Away In A Manger.

The children and members of the pre-school team performed behind clear screens as a Covid-19 precaution.

But this in no way impeded the cheery little performers, with one resident saying: “It was beautiful.”

Holybourne Village Pre-School manager Sue Husbands said: “It has been a lovely event. It’s cheering to see the residents happy and smiling as well as the children enjoying performing.

“Every time we visit, when the children come rushing into the room, or into the gardens for our spring Easter egg hunt, the excitement from the residents is obvious.”

The Christmas concert was part of a programme of events throughout the year that Holybourne Village Pre-School shares with The Lawn Residential Care Home, run by Friends of the Elderly, which is just across the road.

A pre-school spokesperson said: “The benefits of bringing together young children and older people are easy to see and have been well documented. Children’s energy is infectious and can bring much joy to the elderly. Research shows that connecting young people with older people can help to boost confidence, increase communication and improve memory.

“Children also benefit from intergenerational relationships. Some may not have grandparents of their own; however, spending time with the elderly in their community offers many advantages. Older people are often very patient and make great listeners. They can give a child their full attention, which isn’t always easy for parents or teachers.”

To find out more about Holybourne Village Pre-School, email Sue Husbands at [email protected] or call 07748 824942.