The chaos of the school run could become a far more sedate affair as temporary road closures are being considered.

A policy which allows schools to temporarily close roads around their entrance points at drop-off and pick-up times has been approved by Hampshire County Council leaders.

The scheme backed by cabinet members has been successfully piloted at two schools in Gosport and Fareham, with the aim of improving safety for children while encouraging walking, cycling and healthier ways of getting to classes.

But while the idea has been generally welcomed, the estimated £15,000 set-up cost will probably deter most schools, while it’s also dependent on consistent support from volunteers who act as marshals.

Julie Robinson, the long-serving headteacher of Sheet Primary School, has called the School Street scheme a “fantastic idea” but says it needs to be more financially viable.

She said: “Having the road closed would really help us in terms of cars that are in the vicinity, especially on School Lane every morning.

“We’re trying to alleviate the problems we have there at dropping off and picking up time and trying to get pupils to come to the school in the healthiest way possible, like through park and stride and using scooters. But for all the cars that do come up and down School Lane there is a danger, especially as the pavement is narrow in places.

“There hasn’t been any major incidents in my time but sometimes there are close calls where cars have bumped into bags.”

Unsurprisingly given their financial woes, HCC will support applications as long as commissioning costs are externally funded. Costs are minimal after set-up, so it’s possible that parents could fundraise and pay for the set-up, but long-term volunteer commitment is key.

Schools also need the support of their county councillor, but most are likely to be supportive.