A SCHOOL popular with Petersfield families opened its doors to host a Christmas concert and tea party for those who live in local residential homes.

Hosts for the concert were students in the lower sixth year at The Royal School in Haslemere, who spent time in the month before it carefully planning the event.

Lucy, Lower Sixth, said: “Leading up it, some members of the Lower Sixth volunteered to be on the committees organising all the different aspects of the event.

“The present committee had the task of ordering 115 presents for our guests and the role of the Entertainment Committee was to get performers together, organise the sound system, and many other small tasks which would make the evening run as smoothly as possible.”

Many guests had a connection with the school in Farnham Lane as former parents or neighbours and it was an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about the school’s history.

Guests were treated to a wide range of performances from talented pupils from Years 7-11, including dance, singing and music.

There was even a pupil magician to entertain the guests.

In addition, there were Christmas carols, with everyone particularly enjoying a lively performance of Jingle Bell Rock.

The delicious cakes, mince pies and cups of tea and coffee went down very well and were appreciated by all. To finish off the happy occasion each visitor was given a festive gift from students.